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Nanadana Sen launches Titan RAGA FLORA collection.

I was never an enthusiast of timepieces until I came across the latest Purple collection watch from Titan. Made with bold and brazen design, this Purple timepiece is totally a compelling art piece. It was when I came across at WatchKart.com and tumbled few cases to purchase a watch as a gift for my brother, I saw this piece of new edition from Titan. Although, Titan has launched many new collections apart from Purple, but this was the collection that seemed most bewitching of all.

First of all, let me tell you all about Titan. Titan has been in existence since 1980 and it was founded by Xerxes Desai. Desai and his team set out to carve the unique range of timepieces which would bring on a revolution in society. And truly the range of watches introduced by Titan revolutionised the attitude of people towards accessories. Desai along with his peers brought out an innovation in watch industry and then new tempting designs and style started bursting into fashion market. Lately, Titan has launched 12 new collections like Raga, Nebula, Purple, Zoop, HTSE, Tycoon, Obaku, Automatic, Bandhan, Orion and Octane. Some of these collections are men’s specific and some are women’s specific. Bandhan is one brand that offers watches in pair, for her and for him. If you have a talented and energetic kid, and are looking to buy a watch for him, then Zoop collection from Titan is the best buy for him.

Since I am a bit of a rule breaker, and truly a lover of love, so Purple was the collection I loved and related with most. All watches of this collection are studded with swarovski, and these have sturdy stain less steel cases. I bought the watch which is bejewelled with light rust colour. The dial is shaped in a beautiful circle, half of which is studded with swarovski gems. Not only on the outside of dial, but the gems are also etched in the inner side, opposite to which numerals are drawn. Since I am a regular swimmer, I needed a watch which I could wear under water also, and this edition of Titan watch did this favour to me. The watch has water resistance of 50 metres.

Purple collection of Titan is women specific, and so I had to hunt some more at WatchKart for a perfect watch for my brother. My hunt stopped at Titan Automatic collection. This collection is quite famous for its very intricate design and complex watch mechanism. The watch I bought for my brother has stainless steel strap, and carries the highest degree of craftsmanship in its formation which I ever saw in watches. Though both the watches are quite expensive if you buy them directly form any Titan store, but at WatchKart, the prices were really affordable. WatchKart.com offer heavy discounts on all the watches from world famous brand. Although you will find many other world famous brands, but I advise Titan for all. Whether it is fashion, or style or just a casual timekeeping, bag your favourite Titan watch from any of its lately launched collections. You are never going to rue upon any model ever bought from Titan, since once bought, it will become a must have in your fashion ensemble.

Nanadana Sen launches Titan RAGA collection.

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